In March of 1992, the Borough’s of Georgetown and Hookstown, and Greene Township, agreed to a written agreement for intergovernmental cooperation to provide aid and assistance for fire protection and emergency services to each other.

For Greene Township, this agreement was enabled  in Ordinance 1-92, the Emergency Services Ordinance.  The Ordinance created the Emergency Services Board to ensure the continued provision of fire protection and emergency services for the communities of Hookstown, Georgetown, and Greene Township. 

Each municipality contributes 1 mill of real estate tax to the board. The board can obtain any remaining income through fees and charges to Emergency Services Users.

The board has the authority to purchase emergency services equipment.

1.    The primary objectives of the board  is to review, evaluate and recommend to the governmental bodies the current financial condition and immediate needs of the Hookstown Volunteer Fire Department, and to initiate audits at the boards discretion.

2.    To provide immediate and future recommendations to the HVFD for the development and effective use of financial resources and general management improvements.  To suggest long term growth requirements for the HVFD.

3.    To provide feedback of pertinent information to all municipalities.

4.    To evaluate alternate sources of fire protection.

5.     To evaluate current and future needs of other emergency services and make recommendations to governing bodies.

6.      To evaluate requests for financial assistance and distribute funding the Board has available, by line item approval.

7.      To seek available funding  for emergency services.

The board is composed of one regular member and one alternate member appointed by each of the parties to this agreement.   In addition, a member and alternate member shall be appointed by the HVFD, and an at- large member and alternate member shall be appointed by Greene Township.  The alternate member will serve in the absence of the regular member.

A quorum exists when one half of the voting members are present.  All decisions of the board shall be made by a majority vote of those present, except that a budget must be approved by a majority of all the voting members of the board.

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