Permits and Forms


To obtain a building permit for a new home in Greene Township:

  1. Along with your completed Building Permit application, you must have
    • An approved PennDOT driveway permit
    • An approved Greene Township driveway permit

Or be located on a previously-approved Right of Way

  1. An approved Septic Permit
    • For new systems, an application for sewage testing is purchased at the Township office.
    • The Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) will conduct pit/perk testing.
    • Once successful, you must have a qualified designer prepare a design for a septic system that will work with the testing results. You or the designer must then submit 3 copies of the design to our SEO. The approved design will be returned to our Township office, at which time you will be billed for the SEO’s final fees for issuing the permit to install a system.
    • At this point, the Building Inspector can issue the Building Permit. The septic system does NOT have to be installed prior to home construction, but DOES have to be inspected before the system can be covered!
    • For existing systems, the SEO must issue a letter permitting the connection of the new dwelling to the system.
    • This will NOT be a guarantee that the system will function. If malfunction occurs, the owner will need to conduct repairs through the SEO.
    • The original dwelling that was connected to the septic system must be disconnected from the system within 30 days of occupancy of the new dwelling.
  1. If the driveway and septic permits are complete, the Building Inspector may then issue your Building Permit. You or your contractor will need to call for required inspections (see Building Permit Instructions).
  2. When the final inspection is performed, the Inspector will issue a Certificate of Occupancy.



  • Before submitting an application for construction, you will need to apply for Zoning approval. You will need a site plan showing the distances between each side of your new construction to the edge of your property. The Zoning Officer will ensure that your construction is within the setback limits that are established in our Zoning Ordinance. The ZO will also ensure that you have an approved driveway and either an existing septic system or a permit to install a new system.
  • Contact John Hucko, Building Inspector, at1-877-821-0337, ext. 59. Explain your situation to John, who will inform you as to what you will need to submit for him to review.
  • Return to our office with your plans, specifications, etc., which John will review on his next visit to our office.
  • John will contact you with any additional information he may need, and the amount of the review fee required.
  • You then make out your check, payable to Greene Township. When your check and any final documentation are received, John will issue your permit to proceed with construction or demolition.
  • For your electrical permit, you will need to contact the Electrical Inspector at Code.sys. John Luchhessi can be reached at 1-877-821-0337, ext. 55. John will meet you at your building site, then calculate your permit fee. You will be instructed to write your check, payable to Greene Township, which John will then take back to Code.sys who will remit to the Township.

NOTE: Copies of all permits are sent to the Beaver County Tax Assessment monthly, to advise them that you are either adding to, or taking away from, the value of buildings on your property. It normally takes several months before the actual assessment change to take place. If you are building an entire home, they allow time for it to be completed before making a visual inspection of your property to see if the home is occupied. You (or your lending institution) and our office will receive a notice with the change in assessment. If your lending institution is getting your tax notices, you may call our office (or William Laughlin, Tax Collector, at 573-9168) at any time to request information regarding your assessment.

Those applying for a Building Permit must comply with the PA Uniform Construction Code.  Rules and regulations can found at



FOR HELP CONTACT TOWNSHIP SECRETARY AT    724-573-1111     FAX:   724-573-5690

Click here for the Right To Know Request form.

Open Records Officer:

Kimberly A. Moore, Greene Township Secretary/Treasurer
262 Pittsburgh Grade Road
Hookstown PA 15050
(724) 573-1111
Fax: 573-5690

Pennsylvania Office of Open Records:

Commonwealth Keystone Building
400 North Street, Plaza Level
Harrisburg PA 17120-0225
(717) 346-9903

Request method: On form provided by Township or on Uniform Request Form found on Pennsylvania’s website


  • Copies-.25 (twenty-five cents) per page (B/W); .50 (fifty cents) Color
  • Certification-$1.00 per record
  • Faxing-Twenty-five cents per page; Fifty cents per page to a long-distance number.
  • Copies on disk-$1.00 (disk must be provided by Township-no used disks will be used to record data)
  • Mailing-actual cost of postage




Zoning Application 2.2.17

Logging Permit

Road Bond Application and Excess Maintenance Agreement both are required

Records Request Form

Grading Permit Application

Road Occupancy application (driveway permit)

Complaint Form

Building Permit 


Demolition Permit