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Term Expires 2027

Mike was selected by the Board of Supervisors to fulfill the remainder of Mike Allison’s term following his resignation in 2014. Mike has already learned a great deal about our Township and what it takes to keep it running smoothly.

During his tenure here he has actively served as Building and Grounds Chairman overseeing projects such as the painting of the old garage which is often rented by residents for community gatherings, grading and seeding of the township landscape and the installation of outdoor lighting at our Pittsburgh Grade Road office.  His continued support of the township budget helps everyone maintain the common goal of proper budget expenditures.

Supervisor/Road Master

Term Expires 2023

Merry Margaret (Maggie) Smith took the Oath of office as Greene Township’s first female Supervisor on January 3, 2012, and now serves as our part-time Road Master, overseeing the Road Department.  Merry is a long time resident of Greene Township and is retired after working over 20 years as part of the Road Crew helping to care for Greene Township’s Roads, Park and Municipal Property spending the past few years as the Road Foreman.  Merry also carries many years of experience as the former Township Code Enforcement/Zoning Officer.


Vice Chairman

Term Expires 2026

Nate has resided in our Township for 20 years and has a dedicated interest in strengthening local government  policies.  He has a background in construction and commercial trucking and volunteers in our community with his children Tim and Jacy and his wife Sandy with various organizations including the Hookstown Fair Board, Cub Scouts, and Stockmen’s Club.  Nate looks forward to more volunteer opportunities both with the Township and with friends and neighbors in the community.  He will oversee the Parks and Recreation Committee and be involved in all processes of the township during his term as Township Supervisor.