A building/construction permit is required when you intend to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing systems of a dwelling or commercial building.

This includes decks, additions, sunrooms, solar panels, pools, sheds over 1000 square feet, garages, signs, including those on a state highway, remodeling that involves cutting of any structural beam or load bearing wall, changing egress, sleeping rooms added, placing a mobile/manufactured home, etc.

Mobile/manufactured homes installation guide here.

Mobile/Manufactured Home Installation Checklist

One-story detached accessory structures, provided
that the floor area does not exceed 1000 square feet
Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets,
counter tops and similar finish work.
Fences not over 7 feet (2134 mm) highPrefabricated swimming pools that are less than 24
inches (610 mm) deep.
Retaining walls that are not over 4 feet (1219 mm)
in height measured from the bottom of the footing
to the top of the wall, unless supporting a surcharge
Swings and other playground equipment
Water tanks supported directly upon grade if the
capacity does not exceed 5,000 gallons (18 927 L)
and the ratio of height to diameter or width does
not exceed 2 to 1.
Window awnings supported by an exterior wall
that do not project more than 54 inches (1372 mm)
from the exterior wall and do not require additional
Sidewalks and driveways.Decks not exceeding 200 square feet (18.58 m2) in
area, that are not more than 30 inches (762 mm)
above grade at any point, are not attached to a
dwelling do not serve the exit door required by
Section R311.4.

Before you can submit an application to build or erect a structure in Greene Township, you must first ensure that you have the following completed.

  • An approved zoning application.
  • Driveway application approval from either PennDot (state road) or the township (for a driveway leading to a township road) or be located on a previously approved right-of-way.
  • An approved septic. Contact the township SEO with questions.


It is important to submit a complete application. Building code officials from Code.sys will review your construction application and supporting paperwork. Missing pieces of information will delay the approval process. Your contractor will need to comply with the International Building Code of PA. Also keep in mind that the building code official should be able to take your drawings with lumber list and erect the structure with the specs you provide.

Fees are determined by the building code official. The inspector will provide you with a check list and timeline of inspection requirements.

Chris Joliffe,
Building Inspector
Code.Sys Code Consulting, Inc.
FAQs for building inspections
412.821.0337 x 54

When the final inspection is performed, the Inspector will issue a Certificate of Occupancy.