The Beaver County Office of Planning and Redevelopment is taking steps to ensure that all residents and businesses in Beaver County can connect to high speed and reliable broadband internet service. Working together with countywide and regional agencies, Beaver County is seeking to bridge the gap areas within the County for future infrastructure expansion and by providing the access and effective use of technology necessary to participate in modern society. This will result in resilient and competitive communities throughout Beaver County to ensure both urban and rural communities are property connected.

The Beaver County Office of Planning and Redevelopment is performing an inventory of fixed and mobile broadband availability at multiple locations throughout Beaver County. The inventory will determine the locations that are unserved or have limited access to fixed and/or mobile broadband. Two field crews driving Michael Baker International vehicles will be performing this inventory throughout the County. This inventory will take place for most of the summer.

In addition, the Office of Planning and Redevelopment is issuing a public broadband survey and associated high speed internet speed test to determine residents and business owner’s connectivity. The results of the broadband survey will be inventoried and are key indicators for future infrastructure deployment and expansion in the County. Please support this effort by visiting and take the survey and speed test. The deadline to complete the survey is August 31, 2021.  Additional broadband information on this effort can also be found on the website.

Please contact the Beaver County Infrastructure Connectivity Team at with any questions.