Amended SEO Fee 4/6/21



            WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Greene has reviewed all fees of the said Township dealing with applications, registrations, permits and licenses and is now prepared to adopt a unified fee schedule for the Township.


            NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF THE TOWNSHIP OF GREENE, and it is hereby resolved by authority of the same, that the fees of the Township of Greene, effective immediately, will be, and shall remain until revised by the same authority, as follows[GS1] :

Table of Contents


BUILDING PERMITS:          $ Established by contractor. 2

CONSTRUCTION CODE APPEAL:          $ 695.00. 2

DRIVEWAY OPENING PERMITS:         $250.00. 3

GRADING PERMITS:           $200.00 and up. 3

LOGGING PERMITS:           $200.00. 3

CAMPGROUND APPLICATION:         $800.00. 3


BOUNDARY SHIFT ONLY           $250.00. 4



2ND DWELLING APPLICATION         $225.00. 4



ZONING PERMITS:           $65.00 and up. 4

SEWAGE TESTING/PERMITTING:           $ 1225.00. 5




COPIES:               $ .25 B/W     $ .30 COLOR. 7

911 PLACARD: 8

Single Sided            $8.00. 8

Double Sided               $9.00. 8

LATE FEES:               $10.00. 8

MUNICIPAL LIEN LETTERS:          $25.00. 8

Issued by the Twp Secretary. 8

DUMPSTER USE           $5, $10, $15. 8

INSTALLATION OF NON-REGULATORY SIGNS      $ cost of sign & materials. 8


One issue     $40.00. 9

Two Issues       $75.00. 9

Three Issues         $110.00. 9

Four Issues       $140.00. 9

NEWSLETTER MAILING FEE:          $6.00 per year. 9

DISHONORED CHECKS:           $30.00. 9

PARK PAVILION RENTAL          $75.00. 9

TOWNSHIP GARAGE RENTAL:          $100.00. 9

TRANSIENT VENDOR LICENSE         $50 annually. 9

MULTIPLE PARTICIPANTS 50 OR LESS         $100.00 annually. 9

MULTIPLE PARTICIPANTS GREATER THAN 50        $200.00 annually. 10

[GS2] [GS3] [GS4] 



            BUILDING PERMITS:                                                $ Established by contractor

Permits for all buildings requiring inspections shall be issued under a contract with Code.sys who shall administer the Uniform Construction Code and charge fees that are established in their agreement with Greene Township. The fine for failure to comply with the Uniform Construction Code Act 45 of 1999 shall be $1,000.00, per the UCC regulations.

NOTE: Building permit applications submitted by Hookstown or Georgetown Borough property owners shall include a $25.00 administrative fee.


            CONSTRUCTION CODE APPEAL:                                                    $ 695.00

The fee for filing an application to appeal the findings of the Building Code Officer shall be $695.00 (or as amended from time to time by the Beaver County COG Regional Appeals Board). Actual allowable costs will be billed to the applicant prior to receipt of the findings of the Appeals Board.


DRIVEWAY OPENING PERMITS:                                          $250.00


                  No permit for a new dwelling shall be granted until an approved driveway has been constructed. The fee for obtaining a permit to open any street or sidewalk in the Township shall be $150.00, plus a deposit of $100.00, which deposit will be refunded upon satisfactory completion of the work and restoration of the road surface.  Requests for inspections shall require a 24 hour notice.  $25.00 shall be deducted from the deposit for each inspection needed in excess for two, necessitated by the applicant’s disregard of instructions.  Additional fees may be charged in the event that guiderails have to be removed and replaced.


            GRADING PERMITS:                                                          $200.00 and up


The application fee for a permit to grade areas under Section 170:55 of the Greene Township Zoning Ordinance shall be $200.00 for 0-5 acres disturbed, and $300.00 for over 5 acres disturbed. Application fee includes a $25.00 administration fee. Actual costs incurred (beyond the application fee) shall be payable by the applicant prior to issuance of the permit.


            LOGGING PERMITS:                                                          $200.00

A non-refundable application fee for a permit to conduct a logging operation required under Ordinance 01-2012 shall be $200.00, in addition to a Road Bond application, if required.


          CAMPGROUND APPLICATION:                                            $800.00


Application for a campground permit shall be accompanied by a site plan (four copies) for the proposed campground on which shall be listed those items listed in Ord. 8-2016. Such site plan shall include the location and identification of all streets and roads, parking areas, individual camping site identification, utility services and location of all utility shut-off points, buildings, recreational areas and other facilities. See also annual campground renewal fee.



                 An initial payment of $800.00 (plus $50.00 per lot in excess of 3 lots) shall be due and payable upon submission of the application to the Township, prior to acceptance by the Planning Commission. (Of that fee, the Township administrative portion shall be $150.00 FOR THREE LOTS OR LESS plus $50.00 per additional lot thereafter. Actual costs incurred by the Township in obtaining engineering and sewage planning reviews will be assessed prior to the final recording of the Plan.)

          BOUNDARY SHIFT ONLY                                                    $250.00

Creating no new lots. (The administrative portion shall be $100.00, with additional actual costs incurred payable prior to recording.)   

          SITE PLAN REVIEWS FOR LAND DEVELOPMENT                    $200.00      

Initial payment plus $25 per additional lot. (The administrative portion shall be $75.00, with additional actual costs incurred by the Township for professional reviews payable prior to recording.)

          NON-BUILDING WAIVER EXTINGUISHMENTS 1 LOT              $100.00

$25.00 per additional lot.  (Application fee is administrative only. All costs incurred by the Township for required reviews shall be assessed prior to recording)

          2ND DWELLING APPLICATION                                                         $225.00

For a 2nd dwelling consideration, to be placed on a parcel where an existing dwelling already exists, an application in the amount of $225, of which a $25 administrative fee will be deducted, must be reviewed by the township Planning Commission and Zoning Officer and all entities as deemed appropriate by township personnel. See Ord. 2-93, passed 5-4-1993, for additional information and permitting requirements. 


            ZONING HEARING; SPECIAL EXCEPTION;                                     $500.00


        The fee for an application for a Zoning Variance Hearing, a Conditional Use Permit, or a modification to the Zoning Ordinance/Map of the Township of Greene shall be $500.00, to be remitted to the Township Secretary at the time of said application (Zoning Permit not included). This fee is non-refundable, and expenses incurred by the Township in connection with the application that are in excess of the original $500.00 fee shall be invoiced to the applicant.  Additional expenses shall be remitted to the Secretary prior to the relevant governing body rendering a written decision on the matter.


            ZONING PERMITS:                                                                            $65.00 and up          

The following fees refer to those permits that require zoning approval.  An Administrative fee of $25 for each zoning application is included unless otherwise noted.


·         Residential Structures                                                       $75.00

·         Conduct a New Business                                                   $90.00

·         New Building for the Business                                          $75.00

·         Commercial Structure (including cell tower) each           $115.00

in addition to new business permit fee, if required

·         Additional equipment added to CommTowers                $65.00

·         Industrial structures each                                                 $315.00

in addition to a fee of $90.00 for a business permit, if required

·         Automotive Recycling and Salvage Yards,                        $315.00 annually

per Chapter 106 of the Greene Township Code                                      

·         Automotive Service Stations Inspections                         $65.00 annually

·         Business signs                                                                   $75.00

per Section 170-45, added May 6, 2014 by motion at monthly meeting

·         Campground Renewal per each lot                                  $50.00

Per resolution 7-2019.                                                      + $25 admin fee per year

·         Demolition of a structure                                                 $75.00



SEWAGE TESTING/PERMITTING:                                                                           $ 1225.00

Payments to SEO will be deducted from application fee.  Any balance remaining after project completion will be returned to applicant. 


Non-subdivision sewage facilities planning admin fee    $50.00

Required for community sewage systems or multiple dwelling situations plus actual costs incurred by the Township.


NOTE: All permits for septic systems include a $25.00 administrative fee ($50 for holding tanks), and actual costs above the application fee that are billed to the Township by the Sewage Officer shall be paid by the applicant prior to permit issuance.


          ROAD BONDING & DRIVEWAY (ROAD OCCUPANCY)                            $200.00 + bond



The amount of bond required for hauling on township roads in excess of posted weight limits shall be calculated at the rate of $6,000.00 per mile of portion thereof for unpaved roads and $12,500.00 per mile or portion thereof for paved roads, with a non-refundable administrative fee of $200.00 per bond/EMA payable to the Township with the application.  Interest on cash bonds will be retained as on-going monthly administrative costs.



The fee for placement of permanent utility poles or similar structures on the right of way of Township-owned Roads shall conform to the schedule established by PENNSYLVANIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION.   The Townships fee for like services shall follow these rates, as may be changed from time to time without adopting further resolutions.



These fees are applied to the administrative costs incurred in reviewing the application and plan(s) and issuing and processing the permit, including the preliminary review of the site location identified in the application, whether or not a permit is issued and processed.


1.       Application Fee

a) Utility                                                                                                          $75.00

b) Driveways                                                                                                   $250.00               includes $150.00 (non-refundable) application fee and Bond Fee $100.00 (to be refunded upon successful inspection) of which $50.00 will be deducted for each inspection in excess of 2 required by disregarding the Road Master’s instructions. 

2.  Supplement Fee                                                                                         $25.00

         for each six-month time extension, each submitted change

3.  Exemptions (see below for list of exemptions)




These fees are applied to the costs incurred in the preliminary review of the location covered by the permit, and/or spot inspection of the permitted work, and/or subsequent inspection after the permitted work has been completed to ensure compliance with Township specifications and permit provisions.


1.      Underground Facilities - i.e., pipe lines, buried cables, conduits, manholes, headwalls, inlet and grates.  This fee is calculated on the TOTAL linear feet of the facility or facilities being permitted within the right-of-way, regardless of whether the surface is opened.


(a)  Physically connected facility or facilities, first 25 feet or fraction thereof, each section                                                                                              $50.00.

(b)  Additional physically connected facilities, each 50 feet or fraction thereof,                                                                                                                $25.00.

2.      Surface Openings - These fees are calculated on the total linear feet of the opening being permitted within different areas of the right-of-way.

(a)    Total linear feet of opening each (50 feet increment or fraction thereof):

(1)  Opening in pavement / improved surface                $100.00

(2)  Opening in shoulder                                                  $50.00

(3)  Opening outside pavement and shoulder                $25.00

            (b)  If a longitudinal opening simultaneously occupies 2 or more road areas identified in (a), only the higher fee will be charged. Linear distances shall be measured to the nearest foot.

3.   Surface Openings of less than 25 square feet, i.e. service connections performed independently of underground facility installation, pipe line repairs, each opening:

(1)  Opening in pavement / improved surface                $75.00

(2)  Opening in shoulder                                                  $40.00

(3)  Opening outside pavement and shoulder                $25.00

If an opening simultaneously occupies 2 or more road areas identified in subparagraphs (1) – (3), only the higher fee will be charged.

4.  Non-emergency that bores Holes in Pavement or Shoulder   $10.00 (each)

Other (i.e., bank removal, sidewalk and curb)                             $50.00




      Permit issuance fees and general permit inspection fees are not payable by any of the following:

1.      The Commonwealth or Federal governments.

2.      Government authorities organized under the laws of the Commonwealth.

3.      Charitable organizations that are in compliance with Act No. 337, approved 8/9/63, as amended (churches, schools, etc.).



If the Township determines that the permitted work is of sufficient magnitude or importance to warrant assignment of one or more persons to inspect the permitted work on a more than spot inspection basis or if the Township determines that the Township engineer shall provide periodic inspection of the work, the permit will so indicate and the permittee shall be charged for additional expenses incurred by the Township for said services.



The fee for each movement of an Overweight Vehicle as defined by the Overweight Vehicle Ordinance.



          COPIES:                                                                                  $ .25 B/W     $ .30 COLOR

Paper copies shall be twenty-five (25) cents per page per side (color copies shall be thirty (30) cents per side). The certification of a record is $1 per record. Specialized documents including, but not limited to blue prints and non-standard sized documents shall be charged the actual cost of production. If mailing is requested, the cost of postage will be charged. The township shall require prepayment if the total fees are estimated to exceed $100.




Single Sided                                                                                       $8.00

Double Sided                                                                                     $9.00


            LATE FEES:                                                                                         $10.00


            Outstanding Invoices over 30 days                                                $10.00

            Each additional Month Outstanding                                              $10.00/month


            MUNICIPAL LIEN LETTERS:                                                              $25.00

            Issued by the Twp Secretary                      


            DUMPSTER USE                                                                                $5, $10, $15


Fees as listed for each use of the dumpster for small, medium and large loads of residential items that a garbage hauler will not accept, with some restrictions placed by the landfill site.                                       

            INSTALLATION OF NON-REGULATORY SIGNS                             $ cost of sign & materials


            As per resolution 17-98, the township recognizes that there may be requests for non-regulatory signs for the safety of an individual residence.  The request must be in writing and will be         reviewed by the board at a public meeting.  If approved, the requestor pays for the materials.



            One issue                   $40.00

            Two Issues                 $75.00

            Three Issues              $110.00

            Four Issues                 $140.00


The fee for business ads, business card size, in the Township’s Newsletter per Resolution 14-2009. 


          NEWSLETTER MAILING FEE:                                                           $6.00 per year                                             

The fee for mailing the Township Newsletter to addresses outside the Township shall be payable in advance.


          DISHONORED CHECKS:                                                                   $30.00


The fee for presenting a check to the administration of Greene Township, which, for any reason, is returned unpaid, plus any fees imposed upon the Township’s account by the Township’s depository.


PARK PAVILION RENTAL                                                                  $75.00

Fee to reserve the Mill Creek Park picnic pavilion for “family-style” picnics.   $25.00 refunded upon inspection that no damages have been done to Township property and the trash placed in receptacles.


No tournaments may be held on the grounds unless sanctioned by the South Side Athletic Organization.


          TOWNSHIP GARAGE RENTAL:                                                        $100.00


Fee to reserve the Township Garage for larger gatherings is non-refundable.


          TRANSIENT VENDOR LICENSE                                                        $50 annually

        License for transient retail businesses with events sponsored by a single entity i.e. an individual, organization, business, association, corporation, etc.


          MULTIPLE PARTICIPANTS 50 OR LESS                                 $100.00 annually

        for fifty (50) or less transient retail businesses participating

          MULTIPLE PARTICIPANTS GREATER THAN 50                            $200.00 annually

        more than 50 transient retail businesses participating





Originally resolved and enacted the 4th day of January 2021.


Amended on this 6th day of April, 2021.







ATTEST BY SECRETARY:                                TOWNSHIP OF GREENE



_________________________                 BY_________________________

Kimberly A. Moore                                            Chairman



Additions/Changes 2021

Addition of fee for 2nd dwelling application                      $225

Addition of fee for demolition of structure                      $75

Addition of fee for Dumpster use                                      $5, $10, $15

Addition of fee language for non-regulatory signs          $ cost of sign & material

4/6/2021 Edited SEO application amount                        $1225


 [GS1]Add fee for erecting non-regulatory signs as per resolution 17-98

 [GS2]Add dumpster fees

 [GS3]Residential Demo permits – Randy

Industrial/Commercial demo permits - code.sys

 [GS4]Second Dwellings need an application fee – Recommendation is $200 which is same as other zoning apps