Township road list

Road Bond Application

Excess Maintenance Agreement

Current Fees

Taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for excessive repairs on township roads caused by heavy haulers.  Instead, the cost to repair roads damaged by heaving hauling is placed on the hauling company or their bond provider.

Any vehicle whose weight exceeds the allowable limit on a township road must make application to the township requesting approval to travel that road.  Their applicable road bond fee must be paid and an Excess Maintenance Agreement must be on file before their application to travel can be approved by the Road Master.

The amount of bond for your surety company can be determined based on the paved or unpaved rates using the road list below.

Paved – $12,500 per lineal mile

Unpaved – $5,000 per lineal mile

Some vehicles, such as the following are exempt from road bonding:

*emergency vehicles

*utility vehicles and their contractors

*traffic going to or from a permanent coal processing or preparation plant that is on or reachable only through posted roads

*government agency vehicles, and vehicles going to or coming from a residence, commercial establishment or farm on a posted highway or in a location that can only be reached by way of a posted road

*traffic traveling to or from a permanent forest processing mill that is on or reachable only by a posted road

* school buses

Once the application and payment are received, the Road Master will video the road to document the current condition and inspect the road regularly during hauling.  If damage occurs the hauler will be notified and given the opportunity to repair or reimburse the township to repair.  In rare instances the township may contact the bond company for restitution.