No person shall install an individual sewage disposal system or construct any building in which an individual sewage disposal system is to be installed without first obtaining a permit from the Township Administrative Secretary/Treasurer indicating that the site and the plans and specifications of such system are in compliance with the provisions of the Act

Sewage Enforcement Services are contracted by the Township with The EADS Group. Below is a summary of their services and fees. Sewage applications must be obtained at our office.

THE EADS GROUP, 11045 Parker Dr., North Huntingdon, PA 15642

Jonathan Barron, Engineering Technician, SEO. #04056

Phone: 412-754-0801 ext 425                                      Cell: 724-601-8539                                                       Fax: 814-443-2748


An application for sewage testing is purchased at the Township office.  

The Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) will conduct pit/perk testing.

Once successful, you must have a qualified designer prepare a design for a septic system that will work with the testing results. You or the designer must then submit 3 copies of the design to our SEO. The approved design will be returned to our Township office, at which time you will be billed for the SEO’s final fees for issuing the permit to install a system.


An application for repair or reconnect is purchased at the Township office.

The SEO must issue a letter permitting the repair to or or connection of the dwelling to the system.

The current application fee for sewage services can be found below. Your application payment covers costs associated with the SEO’s review and inspections. Remaining funds are returned at the end of the sewage process.



Local Sewage Contractors