Driveways must be located and designed in such a manner as not to interfere or be inconsistent with the
design, function, drainage, or maintenance of the adjoining township roadway.

Anyone wishing to install a driveway that meets a township road must submit an application of such to the township along with the applicable fee. The fee includes a bond that will be returned upon proper inspection and approval of your driveway.

The area must be marked with paint or flags for review. Questions about proper location of the driveway and drainage can be answered by the Road Master. Call our office for more details. 724-573-1111

Driveways in the township that meet a state road must apply through PennDOT.


Gas Valley Rd

SR 168

US Route 30 (Lincoln Hwy)

SR 151 / Bocktown Rd

Shivler Rd

Old Mill Creek Rd