grading ordinance & application

fee schedule

Greene Township requires an application for earth disturbance activities.  No excavation that has an obvious or identified potential of creating adverse environmental circumstances, such as erosion, slip-slide areas, subsidence, significant watercourse changes, air or water pollution or similar conditions shall be undertaken until a zoning permit has been issued by the zoning officer.  

The township Engineer approval is required for grading.  If heavy hauling in excess of posted weight limits will occur, a road bond and excess maintenance agreement will be required as well.

The applicant for a permit to proceed with excavation shall obtain all permits and authorizations required by local and any other county, state and federal governmental agencies having jurisdiction over such matters, prior to approval of a zoning permit by local authorities.

Normal agricultural activities, commonly and routinely engaged in by farm and residential residents in the municipality, shall not be considered excavations and shall not require permits.

For more information on the township’s regulations on excavation and grading click here.